What is Digital Heritage Week? 

From 25 to 30 November 2019 we will be celebrating Digital Heritage Week. Across the country there will be gatherings dedicated to various topics aimed at different levels of knowledge. Heritage professionals from all kinds of sectors and regions are going to meet, share their expertise and be inspired. The Week is being organised by and for the heritage institutions collaborating in the Dutch Digital Heritage Network.

More impact with digital heritage

The Week is centred around the National Digital Heritage Strategy. We – the heritage sector – want to increase the social impact of digital heritage, i.e. make it more visible, usable and sustainable. We jointly develop the facilities to make this possible and share our knowledge, which requires a large, strong and diverse network. Together, we are that network. Everyone’s involvement and input counts. 


On Monday 25 November, we will kick off the Week together in Zutphen, at the Digital Fit in the Network conference. Getting to know each other and being introduced to the working methods of the National Digital Heritage Strategy will be the main themes. In various hands-on sessions you will develop your ‘digital fitness’ and learn where to find relevant practical support from the network. Subsequently, from Tuesday to Saturday you can join smaller, more in-depth sessions throughout the country. There will literally be something for everyone. 

Previous editions

We look back on two successful previous editions of Digital Heritage Week in Utrecht (2015) and Den Bosch (2017), which attracted hundreds of participants from all sectors and parts of the country.